Access India, Inc.

Our management team has in-depth knowledge of all major markets in both India and the United States and are fluent in both English and Hindi

We can introduce you to qualified business partners in the Indian Marketplace.

We can introduce you to investors to establish your business, provide financing, and managerial infrastructure and talent.

•Equity Partner
•Managing Partnership
•Limited Partnership

We can provide legal and accounting strategies to deal with all local and government regulations and tariffs.

•Real Estate Strategies
•Certified Public Accountant
•Corporate Structure Strategies

Logistical Startup and Support

•Requirements for (FedEx, DHL, UPS, Large Freight)
•Duty and Customs paperwork for all types of transactions

Demographic and Psychographic data pulled for any market

We will help you to develop a comprehensive business plan for a successful establishment of your business

•Wage and hour surveys by marketplace
•Competitive Analysis

Marketing and Advertisement

•Most cost effective media to use with cost/benefit analysis
•Where to place your advertising and marketing budget for maximum advantage
•What frequency is the best for your target client

Customs and Duty Compliance

Contract negotiations

Guarantee of product delivery and quality