Web Design Matters to Your Business !

You started your business to change your life. Your website should and can connect you to the biggest marketplace the world has ever seen: the Internet. Why would you entrust the cornerstone of any online marketing plan to a do-it-yourself site like Wix or a freelancer? You can get a crack team of web designers and online marketing experts, a professional agency team, at a fraction of a big agency price with Florida IT. Call today!

In this multi-screen world you have to give the best experience possible no matter the device. Consider that a given when you work with us.

Web Design & Development

Fast Web Design

Your Internet marketing-optimized website is ready to launch and start building your business in as little as two weeks! Why fight with do-it-yourself sites or wait for a freelancer to get around to your site?

Extraordinary SEO

We build every website to exacting search engine optimization standards. Your new website will rise on a best-practices foundation of metadata, alt and title tags, keyword density and all other SEO metrics.

Endless Options

Our team offers the full spectrum of cutting edge web design options. We offer an array of features you’ll find on websites costing $10,000 and more, at a fraction of big agency prices.

Web Design Marketing

From design to launch to marketing to converting visitors to leads to customers, Florida IT knows how to make your online presence produce revenue for your business. It all starts with a great website!